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About Me


I am a qualified coach and mentor at post graduate level and a teacher of coaching and mentoring skills.


I have worked in education all my career as I have a passion for learning. I have held senior positions in large and complex organisations, often leading teams through change and reorganisations. I know how it feels to catch a train that is already moving at speed and the effect that can have on confidence, performance and enjoyment of life and work.


Carving out some space to think things through with someone else can be a real support for professional and personal life. 

 I have faced sadness as well as joys in my life. I’ve been stuck and not known where to turn but have found resources within myself and support from others that have enabled me to lead a successful career and fulfilling life. Having some space, some peace, some time to think and talk about what you really want to do can be a huge benefit and help you work out your next move. I continue to be coached myself because I find it so valuable in raising my own self awareness in order to help others find their way.

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